Our Policies

In the over 50 years we have been producing musical theatre, we have learned a few things... some of them the hard way.  With all this learning experience behind us, the Board of Saskatoon Summer Players established a number of policies to help govern the organization and our productions.  The goal with these policies is to ensure that everyone involved in our productions has a safe and respectful environment in which to create, that volunteers are aware of what is expected of them with the various roles that are available, and to ensure the stability of the organization as a whole so we can keep making musical theatre for ANOTHER 50 years!


Thinking of volunteering?  Not sure what role is right for you?  Check out our Production Manaul for a description of every position.

Saskatoon Summer Players Production Manual


Saskatoon Summer Players Governance Policies:

Code of Conduct

Expenditure Policy


Saskatoon Summer Players Production Policies:

Audition Policy

Cast Policy

Child Performers Policy

Complimentary Ticket Policy

Production Role Policy for Board of Directors


Involved in one of our shows as a Cast Member, Orchestra Member, or Crew Member?  Welcome!  You are going to have a great time collaborating with your fellow musical theatre lovers!  Here are the forms that you will need to sign and adhere to in order to be involved:

Release and Waiver

Code of Conduct